In space was opened a new system with a planet suitable for a life and two suns – Red Giant and Blue Dwarf. Scientists named this cluster – System Trinity. There is a little blue sun Sapphire that revolves around the planet Trinity like a satellite and emanates pleasant bluish light, providing day-night change. The weather is determined by big and hot star Ruby, which is always visible on the horizon and creates spectacular views – around it our planet revolves. That star is beautiful dark red colour (semi-hardened lava) and gives the warm, but no light.

Trinity has atmosphere the same like the Earth does. Most of Trinity's surface is covered with ocean, there are three continents and archipelago of islands. Each continent has its own climate, specified by location of the continent and its distance to the hot sun: snowy mountains – Frozen Heights, forest – Treepolis, tropical jungles on islands – Mangrove Vortex, and desert dunes – Salahari.


Treepolis continent has a moderate climate, forests, meadows, hills and plains, small rivers, and lakes.

This is a place of landing spaceship with first settlers.

Seasons change the same as on Earth.

The surrounding environment is characterized by a Midlatitude Climate.

Hot Ruby over the horizon, in the summer time, can be seen in all its magnitude and amaze by the power of its dark-red fiery bursts throughout the day. In winter, Rudy is half-hidden behind the horizon, because of that the temperature goes lower and sometimes can drop below 0°C, rains more and there is a chance of snow.

It's very mild climate on Treepolis – seasons change smoothly. There is no explicit winter and too hot summer. The weather mostly depends on winds. In winter, the wind blows from the north, bringing cold flows from Frozen Heights, as well as rains and fog. Sometimes there some snow can fall, but it melts pretty fast. In summer, the wind blows from the hot south, that creates mild warm weather with light rains. There are lots of bright sunny days in summer. But if the north wind will blow – temperature drops and heavy rain may go or even snow, but it's a very rear cataclysm.

Natural regions: plain; prairie; temperate mixed forest; dense coniferous, sometimes impenetrable forest; rivers; lakes; swamps; hill covered in flowers and bushes (blossom hills); coastal ocean line with sandy beaches and rocky backwater.


In Frozen Hights there is tundra on the shores of the ocean. Ice desert Farizz around the pole. Between them there is enormous mountain ridge covered in deep snow. Some say, there are lots of caverns... very interesting place to research!
Tail – huge ice peak right on the northern pole, the result of permafrost and the axis of rotation of the planet. The place of anomalies and light phenomenons.
Drifting ice and icebergs Shards – the places of a life of extremists and researchers.
Ruby is seen only partially in some sort of haze over the mountains, and its remoteness from the continent makes the warm almost unattainable. The climate here is very rough. Summer is cold and short; winter is long and severe. Life on that continent is mainly concentrated in caverns and on a narrow shoreline.
First settlers on Frozen Hights will have to live in extreme conditions of tundra on a shoreline. They will have to explore caves first to figure out how to build houses there and does this place fit for a living at all.
Building in tundra only possible during short summer, the rest time of the year winds and frost make it impossible.
During first time, all food is delivered from other continents. After local flora and fauna will be explored, settlers will be able to partially replenish supplies from local resources. Because of its poverty, food still will have to be delivered from other continents with milder climate. Imported products are more expensive than local.

On the south pole of Trinity, there is a continent with a climate very similar to Earth desert. Cause Ruby is so close, sometimes temperature on Salahari becomes unbearably high for living creatures! The soil became sand, and in the hottest places it changes its colour and even fuses!
Under constant influence of huge burning Ruby, sand turns into glass, becomes heavy, big layers immersed in the sand forming the Glass Canyons.
Full sized Rudy hangs high above in the sky and only in saving winter months it rolls a little down toward the horizon letting scorching sand to chill a bit.
Scorching sands of Salahari get in touch with ocean waters making Steam Zone – unbelievably beautiful aerial phenomena of nature!
Norther of the desert, some parts on the land go deeper into the ocean – promontories, the climate there reminds Earth Savannah: rare trees and small streams, semi-dried grass and shrub thickets.
The weather here is hard to consider suitable for human. The season change is almost imperceptible. The biggest difference between winter and summer is that in winter, heat subsides a little and rain may fall, but chances are small. Precipitations fall mostly on the coast and in the Savannah. Here are very small amount of animals and plants, that makes almost all products to import from other continents. There is only one advantage – building is possible all year round! Here are no snow, frost or long rains.

There is a vortex of islands (northern part of oceanic island archipelago) that reminds of a twisted snake skeleton.
Southern islands look like tropics with some volcanic activity.
Back rocks, on frozen in time volcano slopes, and white sand on shoreline beaches create an unbelievable feeling of unreality of the world!
Here Ruby doesn't burn as hard as in the desert, but still, it's warmer than in prairies. Lots of rains form local flora and fauna, it's unusual even for Trinity.
Weather is even in Mangrove Vortex, without express temperature differences. Without severe winter and hot summer, everything is all moderate and almost no difference in the seasons. It's only more rains in the wintertime and temperature a little bit lower. It's the very comfortable place for a living of earthlings, except for a rocky soil of islands. Islands doesn't work for a farming or manufacturing, but it's the perfect place for a tourism.
A big advantage of the islands is two options of agriculture: to grow unusual fruits that grow only in tropical conditions and fishing. But other products will have to be delivered from other regions of Trinity.
The building here on islands is impossible during lingering showers in winter.

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