The crew of the spaceship contains charismatic individuals who have each own history and personality.

Between characters on the spaceship, during the flight, were established relationships, some of them even have got married, and some couples were ready to move onto a next stage of their relationship. After landing on Trinity, married couples built and settled down in family houses. Dating and single members of the crew will remain on the ship, that will serve as a dormitory until more housing will be built.

There are three family houses (husband/wife):

Mayor (♂) – Archivist (♀)

Botanic (♂) – Chef (♀)

Farmer (♂) – Radio Host (♀)

Other relationship between characters:


Performer (♂) – Doctor (♀), Fisher (♀), TV Host (♀)

Like each other:

Engineer (♂) – Financier (♀)


Botanic (♂) – Financier (♀)


Farmer (♂) – Performer (♀)

Spaceship crew includes all professions that will be available at the first level of the city. Other professions will become available with development of the city and levelling it up.

On the spaceship will come experts with all necessary equipment for establishing first settlement, for example – farmer with the most essential seeds for planting.

The list of first professions:

Mayor (♂) – former spaceship captain

Ranger chief (♀) – will create rescue team

Engineer-mechanic (♂)

Chef (♀)

Doctor (♀)

Trainer (♂) – sport

Performer (♂)

Farmer (♂)

Archivist (♀)

Financier (♀)

Explorers team:

Scientist (♂)

Zoologist (♀)

Botanist (♂)

Constructors team:

Architect (♀) – the head of the construction company

Constructors (♂♀)

Resource collectors (♂♀) – find and gather resources from an environment: wood, metal, stone...

Manufacturers (♂♀) – make materials for construction and further production of a final product

Media group:

TV Host (♀)

Radio Host (♀)

Publishing team (♂♀)

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