Captain / Mayor 

Joseph Aaron Wright

Mayor of the first city on the planet Trinity

- man, with strong manly facial features.

- approximately in his 40th;

- Nickname – old Joe;

- optimist, sociable, friendly, cheerful, dreamer, straightforward, bold, energetic, kid at heart, loves tasty food;

- has an image of a lonely cosmic wolf with respectable look that makes a lot of women fall for him.


Ranger Chief
Carolina Riccarda Giudice  

- sign -- Scorpio;
- tall and beautiful with slightly aggressive facial features and a harsh, piercing, hypnotic sight;
- nickname -- Caro;
- self-confident, restrained, insightful, brave, faithful, hero, defender, proprietor, proud, self-confident, wise, fatal woman, strong, persistent, perfectionist, loves power, a true friend, proud, victorious, loyal, equitable;
- doesn't like a criticism, vindictive, secretive, snob, suspicious;
- Captain Joe's best friend, in spite of she always criticizes him; she is irritated by the captain's childishness, because of what she often grumbles at him; she has a sad secret past, which nobody knows about (her secret is known only by the captain).

Mechanical engineer
Liam Cox

- approximately 35 years old;
- nickname – Phase;
- sociable, has good sense of humor, garrulous, cheerful, risky, doesn’t afraid of difficulties and problems, acts without thinking about the consequences, likes to invent new things and experiments.

Kimura Takashi

- doesn’t have a nickname because he’s being respected and awed. Other crew members call him Takashi-sama;
- a stern and determined look, with stony face expression;
- unemotional, restrained, strict, taciturn;
- his favorite question is "Who we will eat today?". He does not like thin women, so tries to feed everybody up.

Mason Woody

- large, muscular man with strong but waggish personality;
- approximately 35-40 years old;
- nickname - Coach Woody;
- outgoing, prankster, cheerful, sarcastic, likes to laugh and joke over others, but does not understand jokes about himself (he swears and gets angry), demanding, likes to achieve results at any cost, loves noisy companies, doesn’t like loneliness.

Ornia Sweeney  

- 30-32 years old woman with ginger hair and incredible green eyes;
- nickname – Golden Lady;
- kind and sympathetic person, with a strong desire to help and save everybody!
- she admires every flower and white cloud on the blue sky. Emotional, kind and loving. Her positivity and emotionality are very contagious.
 - constantly gets exited by everything around her, including passing by men.

Mark Tverdovskiy

- very elegant handsome man, well-groomed and stylish;
- approximately 30-35 years old;
- nickname – Don Juan;
- virtuoso in dance, communication and love. This extra charming person does not allow a single woman on his horizon to pass by peacfully. He considers himself an expert in seduction and says that it takes just a moment to “dance a girl away ”, the truth is, that he will disappear in a next one…

Head of Scientific Research Team
Isaac Dworkin

- he's in his early thirties;
- nickname - Crazy Zeeck;
- cheerful, adventurer, workaholic, eccentric, attentive to details, loves black humor and to run tests on others;
- the most eccentric member of the crew;
- his personality makes you at the same time smile and wary. You never know what he will do in next moment, what experiment he will run and who will become test subject!
- an inquiring mind and sense of humor – main traits of this character.

Archivist / Librarian
Annette Benoa

- 30-32 years old;
- nickname - Mrs. Enigma;
- both strict and enchanting. Mysterious look in her deep blue eyes sometimes makes you shudder, she has a powerful nature;
- looks like small and brittle woman but with strong personality. Her face often has malicious smile;
- mysterious, clean, sexy, prideful and imperturbable, meticulous;
- mystery woman, her harsh look scares even fellow crew members;
- keeps library’s secrets, master of a secret knowledge;
- has a robot helper as she doesn’t trust people.

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