About Us

The young and ambitious team of Octopus Entertainment is brought together with a positive vision of the world, shared love to computer games, creativity, learning new and creation of the impossible. Our potential is talented, hard-working and cohesive team of game developers, writers, designers, artists and programmers.

We are developing the high-quality game with rich history, full of personality characters, a large world and fun, exciting scenario.

The first thing that made us start our own game is a lack of peaceful games in a world game industry. It's very hard to find an interesting, intellectual, fun game for an adult in which you won't have to kill anyone.

There is a very high competition amongst the action and shooter games, they have practically overflowed the game industry. That is why we decided to create a new project in life simulation genre.

For creating the game is being used the powerful graphics engine Unreal Engine, which makes it possible to create a reality on your computers, which has not been seen in the life-simulation games.

We, being fans of life simulator genre ourselves, know what a true game fun is looking for in the game. We are communicating with genre fans from all over the world on forums to stay on top of all the wishes and hopes of the fans.

We rely on the experience of gamers and fans, as well as developers with many years of experience. We listen to their opinions and suggestions. We believe that having a close dialogue with our potential customers, will help us to create the game that millions want to play!
Drawing our inspiration from a very extensive experience with different games of various styles and genres, we have decided to write a script for an absolutely new product. The game that incorporates strategy, life, adventure, development, mysteries, humour.
Our game will be designed for teens and adults. It is intended to develop a desire to act positively and to think of better changes. The adventures in the game will develop a desire for exploration, love to all live creatures and promote the development of logical thinking. Let's play in a peaceful, developing game! Let's play with humour! Adventures and positive emotions throughout the game.

Octopus Entertainment LTD


Victoria, British Columbia, Canada