Citrus bush

It's a middle-size bush with beautiful pink flowers.
It has unusual spiky green leaves. Fluffy flowers usually open when touched, its petals are big and light pink or lilac colour with multicoloured fuzz.
Its fruits look very appetizing and tasteful. They suppose to have a citrus taste. In theory... The properties of that plant and its influence on a human are not studied yet.


An herbaceous creeping plant with a thin and flexible stem, clings to all possible ledges and stones on the sandy shore with tenacious outgrowths-denticles. Gradually moves the back vine forward, thus migrating as a whole plant.
Numerous small leaves provide nutrition for the plant. It has no roots. It breathes through leaves to absorb moisture and nutrients from the air.
Flowers consist of two layers - an outer collar of long graceful petals and an inner jar with stamens.

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