Each continent will have one capital city. First, the settlers will have to establish a city, then develop it with the efforts of generations.
Each city will have its own level of development: on the first level, it is a settlement, on the last one – megalopolis. The level and quality of all buildings in the city depends on its level.
Development of a city is a secondary gaming process in the game. The same as the player develops his dynasty, generation after generation, he will have to develop the city: increasing population; increasing the level of professionalism of the main experts; accumulating finances; building of new and upgrading existent buildings; collecting resources; developing businesses and exploring new lands. The main part of all those processes will be fulfilled automatically, without any participation of the player, but some tasks will have to be accomplished by the player.
Important inventions, accomplishments in science and other spheres with unexpected results give an additional reward and title to the city, opportunity to build special buildings or monuments.

Around the capital, little settlements can be built, they won't have their own levels of development, but their infrastructure will depend on the capital city. During a foundation of a settlement, you will have to choose its type, for example, farm settlement or just residential, or fishing, sporting, cinematic etc.

Residential buildings in the city could be one of the next types: a house, apartments, worker's quarters.
A house will have one of these types: family or personal.
The family house is a house that was bought after a wedding for shared money. A family may have a few such kind houses, one in each capital city, or as many as they have funds. Any member of the family may visit the family house in other city and stay there as long as he wants. Regardless, has any relative lived in that family house or not, any other relative can come to the house and stay there without any invitation.
The private house is a house was bought out of mirage for personal money. It belongs personally to the character who bought it. Even after wedding personal house won't become a family one.
The number of floors in an apartment building and its quality depends on the level of the city – on higher levels of the city better and more expensive apartment buildings will be available. An apartment may be bought or sold the same as a house.
Worker's quarters are two-storey lower-level apartment buildings where NPCs live who work at manufactures on the lower positions, service staff that work around the city. It's free social accommodation. It's closed for player building – a rabbit hole.
A house or apartment may be rented instead of buying. The rented real estate will have a list of limitations in the game.
Also, lots of lands will be available for buying, where you can build your own house starting from a basement, or you always may just pitch a tent.
There will be a system of inheritance and wills.

A house on an island

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