Herbivorous rodent Farhan isn't bigger than a cat. He lives in prairies of Treepolis. He is very shy and may be easily scared away. But because of his extreme curiosity, he was the first creature who greeted earthlings on Trinity. His favourite treats are nuts.
His long flexible body and short tenacious feet allow him to move fast and dexterously in dense bushes. His big almond-shaped eyes and wide ears make his life in dark thicket easier. 

Glider lizard 

This nimble lizard uses its skin collar for catching air flows and wide tail to manoeuvre, that let her a magnificent ability to glide. Glider lizards can grow up to a significant size – adult specimen may reach one metre long. It has very light and flexible skeleton that lets it to move very fast. Glider just adores insects.


A large animal that resembles a walrus. It feeds on fish. They live on floating ice, icebergs and the stone coast of Frozen Hights. In water, it is fast, strong, and agile, on the banks of slow and clumsy.
From the cold protects its thick layer of subcutaneous fat.
The tusks and claws help them to climb on floating ice and hold there.
A horn on their heads helps to break through the ice from under the water.

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