The success of our project fully depends on your support!

From the beginning of our start-up, we decided NOT to take any financing which implies a contract on the control of the game, its script, quality, and release date. We know about bad experiences of some other similar companies, so we decided to almost completely rely on the help of fans!

Quality and release date of the game directly depend on financing. Our desire to create the game with high-quality graphic and script led us to the need to seek financing from all possible sources, including your Donations.

We commit ourselves to inform you about all new developments and advances in the process of working on the game.

We are very grateful for any help that you will provide. It could be:
  • Just tell your friends about us and Trinity MS.
  • Share a link of our website on forums, social networks, blogs where you communicate.
  • Any acceptable for you amount of Donation will help us to hire experienced developers and artists.
  • And don't forget to follow our social media.

Octopus Entertainment LTD

The young and ambitious team of Ukrainians in Canada and Ukraine - Octopus Entertainment, is brought together with a positive vision of the world, shared love to computer games, creativity, learning new and creation of the impossible.

Our potential – talented, hard-working and cohesive team of game developers, writers, designers, artists and programmers. 


Victoria, British Columbia, Canada