Mangrove Vortex

It is a vortex of islands (northern part of oceanic island archipelago) that reminds of a twisted snake skeleton.

Southern islands look like tropics plus some volcanic activity.

Back rocks, on frozen in time volcano slopes, and white sand on shoreline beaches create an unbelievable feeling of unreality of the world!

Here Hot Ruby doesn't burn as hard as in the desert, but still it's warmer than in prairies. Lots of rains form local flora and fauna, it's unusual even for Trinity.

Weather is pretty even here, without express temperature differences. Without severe winter and hot summer, everything is all moderate and almost no difference in the seasons. It's only more rains in the winter time and temperature a little bit lower. It's the very comfortable place for a living of earthlings, except for a rocky soil of islands. Islands doesn't work for a farming or manufacturing, but it's the perfect place for a tourism.

A big advantage of the islands is two options of agriculture: to grow unusual fruits that grow only in tropical conditions and fishing. But other products will have to be delivered from other regions of Trinity.

The building here on islands is impossible during lingering showers in winter.