On the south pole of Trinity, there is a continent with a climate very similar to Earth desert.


Cause Ruby is so close, sometimes temperature becomes an unbearably high for living creatures! The soil became sand, and in the hottest places, it changes its color and even fuses!

Under constant influence of huge burning Hot Ruby, sand turns into glass, becomes heavy, big layers immersed in the sand forming the Glass Canyons.

Full-sized Hot Rudy hangs high above in the sky and only in saving winter months it rolls a little down toward the horizon letting scorching sand to chill a bit.

Scorching sands of Salahari get in touch with ocean waters making Steam Zone – unbelievably beautiful aerial phenomena of nature!

North of the desert, some parts on the land go deeper into the ocean – promontories, the climate there reminds Earth Savannah: rare trees and small streams, semi-dried grass and shrub thickets.

The weather here is hard to consider suitable for human. The season change is almost imperceptible. The biggest difference between winter and summer is that in winter, heat subsides a little and rain may fall, but chances are small. Precipitations fall mostly on the coast and in the Savannah. There are the very small amount of animals and plants, that makes almost all products to import from other continents. There is only one advantage – construction is possible all year round! Here are no snow, frost or long rains.

People will love that continent because of the incredible beauty of the sky and ocean coast and Glass Canyons.