Frozen Heights

Here is tundra on the shores of the ocean. Ice desert Farizz around the pole.


Between them is covered in a deep snow enormous mountain ridge. Some say, there are lots of caverns... very interesting place to research!

Tail – huge ice peak right on the northern pole, the result of permafrost and the axis of rotation of the planet. The place of anomalies and light phenomenons.

Drifting ice floes and icebergs Shards – the places of a life of extremists and researchers.

Hot Ruby is seen only partially in some sort of haze over the mountains, and its remoteness from the continent makes the warm almost unattainable. The climate here is very rough. Summer is cold and short, winter is long and severe. Life on that continent is mainly concentrated in caverns and on a narrow shoreline.

First settlers on Frozen Heights will have to live in extreme conditions of tundra on a shoreline. They will have to explore caves first to figure out how to build houses there and does this place fit for a living at all.

Building in tundra only possible during short summer, the rest of the time of the year winds and frost make it impossible.

During the first time, all food is delivered from other continents. After local flora and fauna will be explored, settlers will be able to partially replenish supplies from local resources. Because of its poverty, food still will have to be delivered from other continents with more mild climate. Imported products are more expensive than local.