This continent has a moderate climate, forests, meadows, hills and plains, small rivers and lakes.


This is a place of landing spaceship with first settlers.

Seasons change the same as on Earth.

The surrounding environment is characterized by a Midlatitude Climate.

Hot Ruby over the horizon, in the summertime, can be seen in all its magnitude and amazes by the power of its dark-red fiery bursts throughout the day. In winter, Hot Rudy is half-hidden behind the horizon, because of that the temperature goes lower and sometimes can drop below 0°C, rains more and there is a chance of snow.

It's very mild climate here – seasons change smoothly. There is no explicit winter and too hot summer. The weather mostly depends on winds. In winter, the wind blows from the north, bringing cold flows from northern fights, as well as rains and fog. Sometimes there some snow can fall down, but it melts pretty fast. In summer, the wind blows from the hot south, that creates mild warm weather with light rains. There are lots of bright sunny days in the summer. But if the north wind will blow – temperature drops and heavy rain may go or even snow, but it's a very rear cataclysm.

Natural regions: plain; prairie; temperate mixed forest; dense coniferous, sometimes impenetrable forest; rivers; lakes; swamps; hill covered in flowers and bushes (blossom hills); coastal ocean line with sandy beaches and rocky backwater.

Lead Concept Artist - Maximus Spragovsky