Trinity MS

In space was opened a new system with a planet suitable for a life and two suns – Red Giant and Blue Dwarf.

The scientists named this cluster – System Trinity. There is a blue little sun Sapphire that revolves around the planet Trinity like a satellite and emanates pleasant bluish light, providing day-night change. The weather is determined by big, hot, red planet Hot Ruby, which is always visible on the horizon and creates spectacular views – our planet revolves around it. That star is beautiful dark red color(semi-hardened lava) and gives the warm, but no light. 

Trinity has atmosphere the same like the Earth does. Most of Trinity's surface is covered with ocean, there are three continents and archipelago of islands. Each continent has its own climate, specified by the distance of the location of the continent from the hot sun: snowy mountains – Frozen Heights, forest – Treepolis, tropical jungles on islands – Mangrove Vortex, and desert dunes – Salahari.  

Flora in the planet contains many of regular Earth plants, both deciduous and coniferous. But part of Trinity's vegetation is not earthly-like, with unusual leaves and flowers, with absolutely unknown qualities.  

Fauna also has its own differences and diversity.  

First settlers on this planet will have the vast expanses for research. They will have to explore everything around them, finding out the properties of exotic plants and the habits of unusual animals; finding minerals and discovering unseen to earthlings minerals and stones. 

Each continent has its own unique animals, plants and minerals. Animals and plants adapted for the weather on their home continent and can't survive on other ones. It's almost impossible to transfer them, even tamed ones. There are a few exceptions: fishes in fish tanks (collection of remarkable aquarium animals can be collected throughout the planet), lizards, snakes etc. 

Resources exchange between cities allows to have all range of available resources and minerals in each city, depending on the process of exploration and development of the continents. For example, bananas grown on the tropical island will be available at stores on other continents, but the price will be much higher than on the island. When the level of the city will be high enough, a character will be able to order a delivery of any product from any continent through the Internet, but it won't be cheap!

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