Carolina Riccarda Giudice

Head of Security of the first city on the planet Trinity

- 35-40 years old;
- sign -- Scorpio;
- tall and beautiful with slightly aggressive facial features and a harsh, piercing, hypnotic sight
- nickname -- Caro;
- self-confident, restrained, insightful, brave, faithful, hero, defender, proprietor, proud, self-confident, wise, fatal woman, strong, persistent, perfectionist, loves power, a true friend, proud, victorious, loyal, equitable
- doesn't like a criticism, vindictive, secretive, snob, suspicious
- captain Joe's best friend, in spite of she always criticizes him; she is irritated by the captain's childishness, because of what she often grumbles at him; she has a sad secret past, which nobody knows about (her secret is known only to the captain).

Designer - Maximus Spragovsky (maximustime)