First settlers

The crew of the spaceship contains charismatic...

individuals who have each own history and personality.

Between characters on the spaceship, during the flight, were established a relationship, even some of them managed to get married (the most impatient), and some couples were ready to move on a final stage of their relationship. That's why, after landing on the planet, married couples built and settled down in family houses.

There are three family houses (husband/wife):

Mayor () – Librarian ()

Botanic () – Chef ()

Farmer () – Radio DJ ()


Other relationship between characters:


Choreographer () – Doctor (), Fisher (), TV Host ()

Like each other:

Engineer () – Banker ()


Botanic () – Banker ()


Farmer () – Choreographer ()


Life and development of the characters, city and whole planet starts with the landing.

Remember – all in that world is connected! We will try to show and tell you as much as possible during development of the game. Also, in the game itself will be available hints and educational books in a Library and Scientific Institute, everything will be fulfilled in a game form, everything will make sense and have humour.

More details about characters we will describe in a process of the creation of the game. Check for future updates on our web-site.