Game unit

The main genre of the game is a life simulator.


The main game unit is a character.

Characters have needs that need to be satisfied otherwise they will die. Also, they have different wishes and goals that need to be met as well, for the development of the characters and storyline in your game.

Each character has his own temperament, habits and other individual features.

According to the storyline, first settlers on Trinity are members of the crew who flew on the planet. The crew of the spaceship contains charismatic individuals who have each own history and personality. Also, the spaceship brought a lot of junior staff. In the new city, they will become constructors, resource collectors, first manufacturers, and NPCs. With some NPC, you will have to interact to get new interesting tasks.

At the same time, you will be able to play only one family, that live in one house in the city (you can change a house or city). A family can have a house in each open city and travel from one house to another. Children will able to live separately from their parents in any family house in another city. But in that case, parents will be able to come to visit their children anytime without invitation (cause it's a family house). If children live not in a family house (bought/built their own) – so, to visit them parents have to get or ask for an invitation first (call, mail, email), like for a visit any other character in the game.

Life (aging, promotion at work, marriage and having children) of all other, uncontrolled by a player at the moment, characters in the city goes automatically. But, in a setting of the game, there is an option to turn off that function – life progress in the city.

The player can choose any character in the city to play or create a new one (or a couple). The menu of character creating opens Character Editor, where you can choose not only appearance and a name but personality features: temperament traits, habits, hobby, fears, zodiac, favorite color and food.

After settling the character into the house, Life Mode will be activated. Menu with indicators of character's needs will appear. There is a list of needs:

Your character will have an opportunity not only live/study/fall in love/make friends but also actively participate in the development of the life on Trinity! Exploring of unknown land will bring into character's life many adventures and unexpected (positive and not so) emotions.


More details about characters we will describe in a process of the creation of the game. Check for future updates on our website.