Characters in our game closely interact not only with each other...

but also with the world around – with objects, nature, animals, plants, and weather.

And, in different situations, they do it in different ways.

A personality of each character is individual because of many various parameters.

A character has temperament traits, which determine his behavior, mood, and actions. In total, a character has 6 main temperament traits and 5 additional traits. During the creation of a new character, a player can choose the main traits and some other features.

When a new child is born he gets a set of traits automatically:

trait – from father (randomly);

trait – from mother (randomly);

trait – from grandfather (randomly);

trait – from grandmother (randomly);

traits – randomly from the general list.

A player will get an opportunity to choose all traits for an infant only if certain conditions will be fulfilled.

5 additional traits may be obtained during the life of a character, depending on his actions and life situations. Those traits can't be chosen by a player.

Characters react in a different way to objects, events, other characters' actions, weather – depending on their temperament and mood.

Most often character's reaction is automatic – without a player's influence. A big part of the gaming process is determined by artificial intelligence: an automatic reaction of a character on a certain stimulus depends on his temperament. Some character's actions a player won't be able to predict change.

Personal features of a character, which have an influence on his life and behavior:

Temperament traits












More details we will describe in a process of the creation of the game. Check for future updates on our web-site.